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Eagle Eye Bracelet 7.5"

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Hand selected and carefully hand-picked beads for this 7.5" Bracelet made of: Gray Eyes Eagle Beads size 6mm + Silver Bead spacers to create a stunning pattern and finalized with a Twist clasp.
Eagle eye, also known as the Grey Tiger's Eye stone, is believed to have many benefits, including:
  • Protection: Guard against negative psychic, physical, and emotional attacks
  • Courage: Help with self-confidence and making quick decisions
  • Luck: Attract good luck, fortune, enthusiasm, happiness, wealth, and prosperity
  • Health: Strengthen the nervous system, treat lightheadedness and headaches, eye infections, long distance focus, and dull vision
  • Emotional balance: Promote emotional balance, create a sense of calm during challenging situations, clear negativity, and eliminate feelings of fear and self-doubt
  • Energy: Support the flow of energy in the body, add strength, eliminate dependence on others, suppress depression, and protect the holder from stress
  • Grounding: Improve emotional balance and connect the spiritual and earthly bodies
Eagle Eye Bracelet 7.5"
Eagle Eye Bracelet 7.5" Sale price$32.00 Regular price$44.00